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For All

Our mission is to create research and programs that will create a different world!

All projects are funded through this Not for Profit Foundation


Dedicated to Creating a Healthy and Joyful World.

The Foundation

The Hope Foundation for possibilities and change is a registered Not for Profit organization dedicated to creating and supporting new initiatives that will create a greater future for all. New approaches that truly contribute to people and the planet are required to create a future that is not just sustainable, but advances humanity and the possibilities currently and for the future.

We Have the Power to Impact

and Change the Future.


90% of all proceeds go directly to research and programs.

Research Team

Our independant research team are curated for their expertise and visions for the future.

Future Based Projects

Focused on contributing to an increasingly greater future for all.

Research Costs

Equipment, resources, legal and all ethical requirements are covered by contributions.

Research Projects

People been searching for health and well-being, happiness and fighting against stress. Current solutions can often compromise lifestyle with unwanted side effects or do not solve the inherent issue. People are asking for new methods and programs that may truly exceed what we currently have available. Does  pain or suffering need to exist or have we been conditioned remain without the question of something more and what else could be possible. Many of the research projects past and present are investigate new ways to address human disease and sufferning.




New Perspectives on Anxiety, Depression and Stress presented by Dr. Terrie Hope PhD

Núcleo de Cuidados Integrativos do Hospital Sírio Libanês

Sao Paulo, Brazil



The Effects of Access Bars on PTSD, Depression and Anxiety presented by Dr. Terrie Hope PhD

International Energy Psychology Conference 2020

Baltimore, MD, USA

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking

if mankind is to survive.

- Albert Enstein